Write a poem about an experience in your life in which nature was the teacher.

The following poem is a reaction to the impact the severe fires, that recently occurred, had on the South Coast. I visited the South Coast twice, after the fires became controllable, for a total of three weeks. During one of those stays we had the large downpour that caused flooding. Just a warning this may have confronting parts.

“And I will fight for this

Stand for right over wrong as

Our old trees are burning down

And I will write for this country I adore

And we can come together now

And I will stand beside you

Won’t let hate reside here

Lock hands together in the crowd” – Ziggy Alberts “Together”

Smoke filled my lungs at home and blinded my vision

Whilst firefighters worked, exhausted, with precision.

Trees blackened, Animals ran, screaming in pain 

Whilst homes were destroyed and people begged for rain

But only desolation came, no respite, no deluge.

Further the wrath and ruin of the flames travelled

Leaving behind only a shadow of destruction. 

Absence of fear long forgotten to those it marches towards.

Absence of misery sorely missed, we yearn for that.

But fear not for Hawaii is nice this time of year.

Help from our northeasterly friends, turns the tides of battle.

Those to the east experience breathing with a rattle. 

Too long has smoke been the air, too long indeed.

Our beautiful land reduced to a pyre. 

Hope is all we have now, hope to beat this fire. 

Finally the conditions of this war are in our favour 

We must fight the good fight and save what we have left.

For the trees, the animals and all those who suffered, 

Push onwards in these windless days and cooler nights

Victory may yet be in our grasp, rain clouds in sight.

That deluge we wished for hits hard, soaking the scorched earth

Too little, too late, it soaks dead, fallen trees and dry, crusted ground.

It offers little respite, just hope for regrowth and a firm message.

The land will fight back, the land won’t stand for slavery

The land is our equal not our lesser.

“The cycle ends here, We must be better than this”(1). 

  1. A quote from the game God of war – Kratos

Image from: https://www.newsweek.com/what-travelers-should-know-about-australia-wildfires-how-help-1481142

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